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Naperville Holiday & Christmas Light Installation

We’ve all seen Clark Griswald struggle with Christmas lighting. Don’t be Clark Griswald this year! Ware Landscaping is a Christmas Decor authorized decorator and we can help you with your Christmas or Holiday light installation in Naperville, DuPage or the Northside of Chicago. We can help you hang your Christmas lights this holiday season.

Our Christmas Lighting services is a 3 step process: we help you plan your Christmas light scheme; we install; and we takedown your lighting and decor at the end of the season in a timely manner.

Installing Christmas lights and exterior lights on your home can be a dangerous challenge. Leave the hard work to Ware Landscaping. Our light installation experts can install your decorative lights on your house throughout Naperville, Aurora and DuPage County. We also have the capabilities to install and design lighting for commercial buildings and subdivisions. Let us help you bring your vision to life with a vibrant lighting scheme that is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Why hire a professional Christmas light installer in Naperville?
There are many risks involved in installing Holiday and Christmas lighting by yourself that you must consider. Some risks are costly on the pocket and you could risk an accident that could physically harm you. Dealing with lighting can increase the risk of electrocution or blowing the circuits in your home. Poorly installed Christmas lighting can also cause electrical fires and there is always the risk of falling. Leave it to the professionals to install your exterior lighting this holiday season. We are also insured!

Request a free quote today. We also offer Commercial and Residential Snow Removal & De-Icing Services in Naperville & Chicago.