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Landscape & Lawn Care Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Need scheduled maintenance for your landscaping in Chicago or Naperville? Ware Landscaping offers regularly scheduled Landscape Maintenance Programs to help you have a hassle-free season. Our Landscape Maintenance Program are tailored to your property. Our Landscaping Professional Consultant will help you customize a maintenance program that will keep your yard looking beautiful all season long.

We service both commercial and residential customers including housing subdivisions in both Naperville & Chicago. For a list of subdivisions that we are currently working in with individual residents, check out our Naperville Landscaping page.

Services that are typically part of the Landscape Maintenance Program include: lawn mowing, pruning, trimming, clean-up, weeding, fertilizing, edging flower beds, and mulch installation.

Schedule your Landscape Maintenance Program for an entire season and receive 2 weeks free maintenance.