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Ware Landscaping‘s Other Services

Outdoor properties offer owners and managers a lot of important opportunities. Carefully planned and cultivated landscapes can ensure that lawns are beautiful. Yards with proper water drainage can prevent costly damage to the foundation of your home. A tidy, snow-free walkway and a parking lot cleared of ice in the middle of a dreary winter can invite patrons to visit your business. At Ware Landscaping, we understand the value of quality landscaping, drainage solutions, and snow removal. However, we also have enough experience with yard, lawn, and landscape beautification to know that sometimes a property can benefit massively from other, specialized services.

Yard and lawn design does not have to stop at the installation of plant life. Many of our clients want to create a yard where they can enjoy a warm, outdoor fire; relax on a porch swing; or cook. In addition to landscaping, we offer a variety of other services that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or business. Some of our other services include:

  • Hardscapes
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Holiday and Christmas exterior light decoration

Whatever ideas you have for your yard or law, you can benefit from consulting with an experienced landscaping professional. Improving your property by increasing its visual appeal or adding modern features can have an immense payoff. Businesses can attract more customers and homeowners can add value to their property. Additionally, optimizing your property can give you an attractive space to personally enjoy. Our lawn and yard beautification experts want to provide you with a landscape that makes you proud.

If you are interested in adding a hardscape or outdoor kitchen to your property, please call us today at (630) 885-6370. We can also provide holiday light installation! When it comes to your yard or lawn, Ware Landscaping is invested in making your dream a reality. We are more than excited to hear your ideas or goals for your property because we are confident that our work will meet your expectations. You can also contact us with any questions about our services, pricing, and discount packages. Landscape beautification and functionality experts are just a simple phone call away.


Hardscaping has enchanted property owners all over Illinois. Many people are opting to enhance the elegance of their outdoor spaces by adding stylish hardscaped fixtures. A brick pathway can wind whimsically through a carefully-cultivated floral garden. A striking stone terrace can fill a yard with a sense of grandeur and refinement. Rustic fire pits offer a cozy space for a family to spend a starry autumn night. Adding brick, stone, or building fixtures to your lawn or yard can greatly increase its visual appeal and even provide new possibilities for relaxation or fun. Hardscaping can also significantly boost your property’s value by making it more appealing to potential buyers. The modern chic of hardscapes fares quite well in today’s competitive housing market.

Some popular hardscapes include:

  • Renovated driveways
  • Walkways
  • Fire pits
  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Walls and other dividers
  • Trellises
  • Built-in garden or lawn furniture
  • Arbors
  • Gazebos, ramadas, and pergolas

At Ware Landscaping, our experienced hardscape engineers understand the importance of superior design and careful installation. Adding a sturdy new feature to your lawn or yard can mean seriously altering your landscape. It’s a big decision, and our skilled team understands that your hardscape needs to be attractive and lasting. That’s why we prioritize communicating openly with our clients, employing creative artisans, and using quality materials.

Outdoor Kitchens

Property owners, visitors, and patrons alike rave about outdoor kitchens, and at Ware Landscaping, we want to work with you to create an outdoor kitchen that fits your property aesthetic and your lifestyle.  Our team of skilled artisans considers a variety of factors before they even start to design the space. For example, how will the surrounding trees or other landscape features impact the space? How close is the house’s kitchen to the outdoor area? How will any equipment be powered? How much space will the client need for refrigeration, if any? Additionally, we offer a digital layout of our design so that you can see precisely how your outdoor kitchen will look.

Having an outdoor kitchen can increase the appeal of your home on the market and provide countless hours of enjoyment while you own the property. When correctly designed and installed, these fixtures are functional, convenient, and can withstand the elements of Northeastern Illinois. Our team is ready to work with you to design the outdoor kitchen that best suits you. Our specialists can also provide cozy outdoor seating and dining areas. If requested, we can even toss in some fun ideas of our own. Why not consider a wood-fired pizza oven?

Holiday and Christmas Exterior Light Decoration

Looking add that special glow to your property this winter season but dreading the hassle? At Ware Landscaping, we talk to clients all the time who love the splendor and beauty of Christmas and holiday lights, but too many of them lack the time and the labor power to light up their property the way they want. There is a solution for the many folks who want the lights without the nuisance. The team of holiday exterior light decorators at Ware Landscaping can make your home or business look fantastic while saving you the struggle. Christmas Decor, one of the nation’s most trusted holiday decoration companies, has officially authorized our lighting specialists. We’ve got the experience and the skills necessary to turn your property into a breathtaking winter display.

Since we focus on customer satisfaction, our skilled team has adopted a three-step lighting process:

  1. Planning: We attend carefully to any specific desires our client might have and provide feedback as requested. We then carefully plan the precise layout, powering scheme, and schedule for setting up the decorations.
  2. Installing: A skilled team of lighting installation professionals puts up your decorations. We focus on safety, efficiency, and minimal fuss.
  3. Removal: After the season, we take down your lighting and decor promptly. We take extreme care of your property, and we are insured.

Holiday lights can draw customers to your business, thrill your friends and family, and fill your home with cheer. People throughout the Chicago, Naperville, and DuPage county areas have benefited tremendously from our decorative craftsmanship and our professional installation services. The dedicated team at Ware Landscaping can create a captivating holiday glow on your property that will bring a glow of satisfaction to your face.

Other Services FAQs

Why should I pay for a professional holiday light installation?

Professional light installation comes with a wide variety of benefits. For one, a team of exterior decor specialists has equipment and tools that private individuals often lack. They can provide larger displays that are up-to-the-minute regarding style and sophistication. Additionally, teams of workers can install your lights quickly and efficiently. They can also anticipate and avoid any safety risks. Getting stuck in the hospital with an injury is the last thing you want during the holidays; with a professional company, you can avoid the hassle and stress of putting up lights yourself. Altogether, the quality, safety, and efficiency of professional decorative lighting make the expense worthwhile for many people across Illinois.

Are outdoor kitchens hard to maintain?

When an experienced designer and a skilled installation team build your outdoor kitchen, you will most likely find that it is easier to maintain than you expected. Many people are concerned with their fixtures withstanding sun damage and sub-freezing temperatures. At Ware Landscaping, we are familiar with the regional and local seasonal shifts, along with common weather occurrences. This familiarity has allowed us to build outdoor kitchens that suit the climate. Additionally, we can discuss any specifics about how you can best protect your particular outdoor kitchen through the winter or during storms.

I’m interested in increasing my property’s value by adding hardscaping, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me figure out a design or give me some ideas?

Of course! Our creative team of hardscaping designers can work with you to determine the best projects in your price range for your yard or lawn. We can also suggest materials and help you decide on a unifying aesthetic theme.

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Ware Landscaping can help you design, install, and maintain an impressive variety of landscapes. From laying down chic stone pathways to putting up a dazzling holiday light display, we have the skills to bring out the very best in your property. If you are interested in adding a hardscape or outdoor kitchen, call us at (630) 885-6370. We are also your go-to company for planning, installing, and taking down holiday and Christmas lights. At Ware Landscaping, we can take on a wide range of yard and lawn projects. Give us a call to learn more about our services or to find out precisely how we can help you optimize your property.